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The use of Kindle My Clippings Manager for Amazon Kindle is pretty straightforward.

Quick use

  1. Connect your Kindle to your computer
  2. Copy the My Clippings.txt into a folder of you computer. You can find My Clippings.txt in the “documents” folder of your Kindle.
  3. Start Kindle MyClippings Manager and import the file (detailed description below).
  4. In the Browse window of Kindle MyClippings Manager, use the clippings as you want (detailed description below).
  5. Delete the My Clippings.txt in the “documents” folder of your Kindle. The Kindle will re-create it when you highlight again.
  6. Eject your Kindle if needed.

Depending on your version you will see different text right to the Kindle icon (either “Kindle My Clippings Manager – Full version” or “Kindle My Clippings Manager – Basic version”).

When My Clippings Manager starts, the Import tab becomes active.

MyClippings Manager Import tab

Kindle My Clippings Manager Main tab

Import MyClipping file button :

  • You can choose the My Clippings.txt in a dialog box. After you choose the file, the import process begins.
  • You can see the currently imported text constantly changing on the lower part of the windows.
  • After finishing the processing the My Clippings Manager creates a database for the newly imported clippings , opens it and it shows in the Browse tab.
  • Kindle MyClippings Manager will automatically name the new database as “clippings_+timestamp”.

Import location and timestamp line also check box :

If it is checked it also imports the timestamp line.

When it is not checked the import might look like this:
The 6 Rules of Testosterone Building Here are the basic rules to follow if you want to build up your testosterone levels.

When it is checked the import might look like this:
– Your Highlight on Page 143 | Location 2180-2182 | Added on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 2:56:35 PMThe 6 Rules of Testosterone Building Here are the basic rules to follow if you want to build up your testosterone levels.

Rename myclippings.txt after processing check box :

If it is checked it will rename My Clippings.txt so as you will know next time that you have imported it.
The new name would be the original name + timestamp e.g.:My Clippings.txt_2016_08_16_15_19_11.txt. We advice using this check box so as to have a backup of your My Clippings.txt.




MyClippings Manager Import tab

Kindle My Clippings Manager Import tab, white design

Skin check box :

If it is checked the My Clippings Manager uses skin (like the image at right).

If it is not checked the My Clippings Manager uses plain colors (like the image at left).

MyClippings Manager Import tab

Kindle My Clippings Manager Import tab, black design


My Clippings Manager Previous Browse tab

The Browse tab becomes active, when:

*You click on it. After starting the application it would be empty.
*After finishing an Import. In this case you will see the freshly imported clippings.
*After opening a Previous Clipping.Likewise you will see the respective clippings you opened (Full version only)

Under the title you will see the book titles imported from My Clippings.txt.
If you click on a title you will see that the lower text box will show the text highlights belonging to that book you just highlighted.

Copy to clipboard button:

It copies the current highlights to the clipboard. You can paste the text in Word, Google sites etc. using Paste command or Ctrl+V.

Export to RichText button:

It exports the current highlights to richtext format (.rtf). After creation the Kindle MyClippings Manager will show the name of the file in a message.The richtext file would be in the same directory as the KindleMyClippings.exe file and name would be the name of the database you imported / reopened e.g. clippings_2016_07_21_14_20_57.rtf.

Export to Xml button:

It exports the current highlights to xml format.

Print button:

It prints he current highlights. The letter size is not adjusted (we will improve it soon). If you don’t like this printing function, we recommend exporting to RichText and printing from Wordpad / Word.

Warning! If you have the Kindle MyClippings Manager – Basic version, use the “Copy to clipboard”, “Export to RichText”, “Export to Xml”, or “Print” buttons before closing the program, because the Previous Clippings will not be available!
Of course you can still re-import the same My Clippings.txt file again to have the categorized highlights.


My Clippings Manager Previous Clippings tab

The Previous Clippings tab:

Shows the clippings databases. Each time you import a My Clippings.txt the Kindle MyClippings Manager will create a database with current time-stamp to store the imported clippings in.

Open this clippings database button:

Opens the highlighted database and loads it under the Browse button. It is useful if you want to see your previous clippings.
Warning! If you have the Kindle MyClippings Manager – Basic version you cannot use this function!

Delete this database button:

Deletes the highlighted database. Before delete it asks your confirmation.










How to buy Kindle My Clippings Manager?

Kindle My Clippings Manager Login


First of all you must register a new user account on our website.
To start the registration please click on the Register button.

After the click on the Register button the website reloads and replaces the content.
On the new page you can see two input boxes. In the first you need to write your user name.
The second box is labeled as e-mail. Please write your e-mail address in this box.

Double check the information you wrote, because the system will send out an email to your email address with your login data.



Kindle MyClippings Manager Download button

After a successful registration, you need to log in on our website or you can’t buy the Kindle My Clippings Manager.
If you have logged in, just move your cursor to “I WANT TO BUY IT” and select the “Kindle My Clippings Full Version” menu item.
When you click on it the site redirects you to the product page.



Kindle MyClippings Manager Add to cart button

On the product page you need to click on the “Add to cart” button.
Then the webpage will add the software to your cart.




Kindle MyClippings Manager view cart button

A new button will appear on the top of the product page. It is named View cart.
Please click on it and the website will redirect you to the summary page.





Kindle MyClippings Manager cart summary button

On the summary page you can check the price and the license quantity.
If everything is ok just click on the “Proceed to checkout” button, and the system will automatically redirect you to the payment page.





Kindle MyClippings Manager payment types

On that page you can just click on the Pay button.



How to activate Kindle My Clippings Manager after buying it!

Payment methods

Only one payment method is available.
You can just pay the software with Paypal.

Kindle MyClippings Manager payment types


The software isn’t shipped physically, it is downloadable from our webshop.

How to download and activate Kindle My Clippings Manager?

If you paid the Kindle My Clippings Manager:Kindle MyClippings Manager Register tab

After buying the software the activation method is the next. You need to login on this website, and click on the downloads button.
If you successfully paid the available software will appear to you.


On that page click on the download button which is under the software description.
After successful download just start it. When the program starts please click on the register button.
The tab will change you can see two text boxes.
In the first box you can see the serial number. This is what you need now.





Kindle MyClippings Manager Serial generator

Copy the Serial number and paste into the Serial Number input on the Download page.







After pasting the code just click on the “Generate Software Key” button.Kindle MyClippings Manager software key
Copy  and paste the generated Software key into the software key input on the Kindle My Clippings Manager Register tab.



If you haven’t paid Kindle My Clippings Manager:

Please read, how to buy it!

How many times can I activate Kindle My Clippings Manager?

The software is activated 5 times at most. If you generate the license key after the fifth activation, the system warn you,
In this case you need to contact us. Please write an email why you need to activate the software again.

My IP is blocked when generate software key, what can i do?

If the license key generation is failed at five or more times the system will block your IP address.
You need to wait 2 hours at least and the system automatically delete your IP address from our database.

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